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February 28, 2007



now i feel the urge to run out and get me one those rulers! yegods.. you're a brave girl :-) oh and i love the new banner.. most cool!


WOW! I don't think I could have done that! You are MOST BRAVE!!


Keeping my fingers crossed that I can post on a typepad blog. Gives me so much grief. I think I have a permanent pruned up face from that snake story. Yikes. I can't believe you beat that thing to near death with a stinking deckle edge ruler!!!!!!! LOL. What a site that must have been. Too bad nobody got the pleasure of watching it. I had a snake incident in a house one time. Not this house though. It got away. So glad I don't live in that house anymore. I never stopped thinking about it. I'll have to blog that story sometime.
Also, I LOVE THAT BIRD HOUSE! How beautiful. I bet that was a blast to make.

Jen Duncan

Hi Kris- I'm with Barbara--I'm not sure I could've beat it to death...cause then I'd have to see the blood and gore. What a downright yucky thing for you to have to deal with! You painted a very clear picture to, I must say. ;-) From now on I'll think of you when I reach for that ruler. :-D

Marcia D

Now that was creative. You are one brave woman. I couldn't have done that. Picture artist running screaming from the house.

Christa H.

LOL you poor thing LOL
snakes and tongs LOL

Joan B

Uh, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa Renea

Kris-Queen of the Deckle Ruler !!
A new way to fight crime! Your so brave.
I'm still queasy thinking about this!


Oh My goodness! creative, resourceful and brave!

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