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June 01, 2007


michelle infantino

my dad used to hunt for crawfish to use for fish bait. i think they are different than your crawfish but i never could eat any on our visits to new orleans. the image of fish bait lives in my mind. lol.

too many critters for me kris. thank goodness no more snakes.


one crawfish says to his buddies "everyone over to the hankins pool!"
holy cow. i dont know what i'd do seeing all those guys in the pool. dont think i've ever seen a crawfish in the first place. i'd love to see an armadillo.
round here in VA-ginia we get foxes and deer. both sweet to look at and they don't join your pool party.


Ya know, We have these in the river behind our house. Although we call they cray-fish. Cody goes down into the river with his rubber barn boots and catches them...Looks at them in a bucket for a while, then releases them..If he was closer, he would rescue you, LOL! You do have quite the wildlife sancuary going there, if I didn't know better it would sound like you lived up here by me!! Keri

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