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February 03, 2008


Susan Tidwell

Sorry to hear of your computer problems. I also got a new computer - for Xmas - and it came with Vista. My dh transferred everything so have no idea if he ran into these problems too. Probably not, or I would have heard about it! Glad you can now get back to art.


Welcome to my world!! I keep saying the same thing. At least I know how to research things!!! Had the same type of problem with the firewall when trying to get the printer set up wireless. Started with more issues on Friday night getting my Kodak photo printer/transfer set up. It also didn't recognize my external hard drive. Had to go in and change permissions, rename a file so that a new one could be created and the required drivers could be loaded. I surely don't know what I have gained with Vista except a lot of my creative time being taken away!!! Glad you are getting all your issues resolved!!

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