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August 31, 2008



I will be thinking of you until you come back on here and tell me you're okay!!!!!!!!


Baton down the hatches and hang on - I live in NW florida near Pensacola so we shouldn't get much this time!!! A little wind (35-40mph) and a bunch of rain is what we expect but we are the lucky ones this time. We only have 3 more lined up right behind Gustav....tis the season (hurricaine that is...)


I have my fingers crossed that the storm will weaken. I was thinking about you and wondering if you would get any of this. I am saying lots of prayers. As you know I have family near NO.

Sending hugs.

Lisa Renea

Kris, been thinking about you. Hope you and your dh are ok! I can't even imagine the terror these storms bring.


Hope you faired ok Kris. We still felt some remnants from it here in South FL over the weekend. Cloudy, overcast, and quite breezy on the beach. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Sue McG

Thinking of you Kris and hoping all goes well in your town!


Hope you come thru this hurricane season just a little damp. Like those bird cards you did, especially your "favorite things".


Your gas up 20 cents is still cheaper than ours! My Mom just told me today that she got some for 3.78. She was psyched!

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